Scarface 2: Son of Tony

Monday, February 08, 2016    
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Scarface 2: Son of Tony
You may be surprised to know this, but in 2001 there was reportedly a sequel planned to Brian DePalma's classic Scarface. The plans were for Cuban rapper Cuban Link (Felix Delgado) to have starred in the movie, which was also based on a script that he had written for the project. Reportedly, Brian DePalma had agreed to direct the movie and plans were underway for filming.  However, the plan for a sequel was controversial, and after several years Link expressed that he no longer had any intention to go forward with the project because of conflicts over movie rights issues and creative control.

Here are his comments, from the LatinRapper.com website:

Question: We spoke before about you getting more involved with movies. For those that don't know, why did the Scarface sequel "Son of Tony" never come about?

Answer: It's a lot of politics behind the movie, just like the record business. The movie, the script, I wrote the script, a little project I always seen having. When it got to the real political stage, the rights and all that from the first movie become a problem. People from the first movie wanted a piece, at the end I didn't wanna give my ideas to anyone else so that its stays here with us. Not lost with the system where everyone has a piece of it and I get the short end of the stick. My mind frame is really independent.

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