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Welcome to - a fan site which is all about the various "Scarface" gangster characters, from the legendary movies.  This website is strictly a fan site and is not affiliated in any way with any of the companies who have produced movies, video games, or music using this name.  This site contains lots of Scarface-related information, history, links, and products for fans.  We first launched the site in 1998 and have been growing and building ever since.

The name "Scarface" has referred to a number of characters over the years: Al Capone, an American real-life gangster, Tony Montana, a Cuban cocaine trafficker in the 1983 movie "Scarface", a rapper who is a member of the Geto Boys, the dummy

used by a Batman villian, and a boss character in the video game "Mega man X: Command Mission".  The character from the 1983 movie also reappeared in the 2006 video game "Scarface: The World is Yours".  And now, there are plans to release a new Scarface reboot with an entirely new character.  We can't wait!  This website is a fan site about the gangster characters represented by the films and the video game - that is what this site is all about. 
March 30 2014: New Scarface will be 'Mexican hustler in LA'

Producers of forthcoming film want to cast 'an authentic Latino' in the role, and seem set to hire Chilean director Pablo Larraín. The latest manifestation of Scarface will be a Mexican hustler working his way up on the streets of Los Angeles, according to The Wrap. Universal has been working on a second remake of the classic gangster story since at least 2011, with Harry Potter's David Yates at one point in talks to direct. The studio now looks set to hire Chilean film-maker Pablo Larraín, best known for the Oscar-nominated political drama No, to oversee the new iteration.  See more:  The Guardian

12/5/11: Universal’s SCARFACE Project to be Scripted by David Ayer

DEADLINE:  Training Day scribe David Ayer has been hired to write the new version of Scarface for Universal Pictures. The film will put a contemporary spin on the outlaw tale first released in 1932 with Paul Muni playing an Italian who took over Chicago, and then turned into the spectacularly violent 1983 film that starred Al Pacino as Tony Montana, a Cuban who took over the cocaine trade in 1980s Miami. The new film is being produced by Marc Shmuger and his Global Produce banner along with Martin Bregman, who produced the Brian De Palma-directed version. When the studio set up the project in late September, the intention wasn’t to do a remake as much as to marry the common elements of the two films with a contemporary crime context. Basically, the focus is on an outsider, an immigrant who barges his way into the criminal establishment in pursuit of a twisted version of the American dream, becoming a kingpin through a campaign of ruthlessness and violent ambition.


9/25/11 - Robert Loggia shoots down "Scarface" update

TMZ: Robert Loggia shoots down "Scarface" update

Say hello to a little controversy -- because Robert Loggia (that's R, as in Robert Loggia) says he's STRONGLY against the "Scarface" update that's reportedly in the works.

According to reports, the new movie is supposed to contain elements from the '83 version (man becomes drug dealer, kills a bunch of people, etc.) ... but it's not a sequel or a remake. But Loggia -- who played drug lord Frank Lopez in the Al Pacino version -- tells TMZ, "Scarface is a classic that should rest in peace! Nuff said!"

See the whole story here:

9/26/11: New Scarface remake coming, based on original 1932 story!

U.K. Daily Mail Online - Say hello to my little friend again! Hollywood to remake Scarface

In 2011 there have already been a slew of remakes of familiar movie favourites. So it should come as no surprise Hollywood is returning to the well again to reboot silver screen classic Scarface. Unlike examples such as the critically maligned Straw Dogs or the panned Arthur however, it will be a completely re-imagined flick based on the original concept.

Interestingly, while most people think of the 1983 version that starred Al Pacino as iconic Cuban anti-hero Tony Montana when they hear the title today, it is not the original. The 1932 first entry in the series was a seminal film in its own right, and is regarded as the more ground-breaking of the pair, holding a position as one of the first great talkies.

It followed the exploits of Italian gangster Tony Camonte as he climbed the criminal underground ladder in prohibition era Chicago. According to Deadline Hollywood the new version will take the same basic concept, in which an immigrant outsider barges his way into the criminal establishment, but have a new distinctive story.

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6-27-11: The Daily Mail

Al 'Scarface' Capone's Colt .38 handgun sells for £70,000 at auction

A revolver belonging to notorious Chicago gangster Al 'Scarface' Capone has sold for £67,250 at auction. The six-shot, double action weapon was made in May 1929, just months after the iconic American mobster ordered the murder of seven of his rivals in the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre.

The nickel-plated Colt .38, which was sold at Christie's auction house in London by a private collector, came with a letter signed by Capone's sister-in-law confirming its authenticity.

Christie's spokesman Leonie Ashfield said earlier this month when the aution was revealed: 'We've had film memorabilia but nothing related to the actual Al Capone that's coming up on my computer in the last 10 years.' Although it is not known if the weapon was used by Capone in any of his numerous killings, it is the first item of his to be auctioned by Christie's in over a decade.

Capone Gun

Full article:

4-18-11 Scarface bobblehead is back!

Scarface Bobblehead

Al Capone "Scarface" Limited Edition Bobblehead

Now, you can have the original Scarface at your home!  Through special arrangement with our partner, we have obtained access to the original, limited edition, RETIRED Al Capone bobblehead for visitors. 

2-15-11 John Dillinger Bobblehead!

John Dillinger Bobblehead



John Herbert Dillinger Jr. was an American bank robber in the Midwest during the early 1930s. He is robbed at least two dozen banks and four police stations, escaped from jail twice and was idolized by some as a modern-day Robin Hood.

Dillinger's exploits were sensationalized across the nation, and his numerous escapes and robberies fed many urban legends in the United States. He still stirs the American public's fascination with colorful criminals. Several movies have been made about his life and death; the latest, Public Enemies, stars Johnny Depp as Dillinger and Christian Bale as Bureau of Investigation agent Purvis.

This officially licensed John Dillinger bobblehead features a removable fedora - a touch you won't see anywhere other than Royal Bobbles.

Now available - actual cells from the Scarface movie!

Now we are offering Scarface film collectibles, such as hand-crafted frames featuring selected film cells from the actual Scarface movie, with a mini movie poster. They come with an embossed certificate of authenticity. These are the ultimate collectibles for Scarface fans!

Scarface film cells

Pacino's Montana in 'Scarface' voted top gangster - Sunday, January 20, 2008

London, Nov 13 - Tony Montana, portrayed by acting legend Al Pacino in the 1983 classic 'Scarface', has been voted top movie gangster of all time in a poll conducted by a movie website.  Pacino's character topped a poll to mark the release of the new movie 'American Gangster', directed by Ridley Scott and starring Denzel Washington and Rusell Crowe, reports.

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7-8-07 - Warner Bros. Prepping Female 'Scarface'

Variety: 'Queen' finds a king - Jakubowicz to direct 'South'

Warner Independent has hooked a director for "Queen of the South," its adaptation of a femme Scarface tale set in Spain, and is now looking for its stars. "Secuestro Express" helmer Jonathan Jakubowicz will direct the pic, expected to go into production "pre-strike" in the fall. Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez are eyeing the project, but casting has not yet begun.

Albert Torres did a rewrite of Hanna Weg's script based on Arturo Perez-Reverte's bestselling novel, which producer Sergio Aguero read shortly after it was published a few years ago. Story revolves around a Mexican woman who escapes to Spain after her drug mule boyfriend is killed, then becomes a drug kingpin and seeks revenge for her boyfriend's murderers.

"It's unusual in that it reinvents the gangster movie with a female protagonist," Aguero said. He said the pic will depict not only "the Sicily of Mexico" but also the Vegas of the Spanish Riviera.

More ...

6-11-07 - Pacino Wins Lifetime Achievement Award Al Pacino made grand speeches on screen as Michael Corleone and Tony Montana. But when the actor was honored with the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award, he was practically speechless.  "I need a character," the 67-year-old actor said, overwhelmed with emotion. "I don't think of myself as being able to do anything".


Pacino didn't have to say much, though. A host of Hollywood heavyweights -including Oliver Stone, Kirk Douglas, Andy Garcia and Robin Williams - did most of the talking when Pacino was presented his award Thursday at the Kodak Theatre.

The three-hour dinner program, set to air June 19 on the USA network, featured clips from Pacino's most famous films, including "The Godfather," "Scarface," "Dog Day Afternoon," "Serpico" and "Scent of a Woman." "Seeing my life in the movies, I have one question," Pacino said. "And that is: Why aren't I in rehab?"

See the entire article at

6-1-07 - Scarface Videos

IGN has posted videos of the Wii version of the Scarface: The World is Yours game. See the videos at the website here.  Warning - they are graphic and require that you be of sufficient age.

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5-18-07 - Scarface: TWIY Sells over 2 million

From SoHood Magazine:
Scarface: The World Is Yours, the blockbuster videogame based on the 1983 classic film from Universal Pictures and published by Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide at retail stores.

“Selling 2 million units of Scarface: The World Is Yours worldwide is great achievement and a direct reflection of the outstanding support received by the international retail and gaming community,” said Pascal Brochier, president, global retail for Vivendi Games. “This milestone is another strong example of Radical Entertainment’s development talents and Sierra Entertainment’s commitment to deliver a high quality, compelling gaming experience.”

See the entire article here, at the
So Hood Magazine website.

5-7-07 - The Return of Tony Montana

From Mr. Nightlife's Hollywood: When we last saw Cuban exile and Miami gangster Tony Montana, his cocaine-fueled body was riddled with bullets in the 1983 Brian DePalma cinematic classic, Scarface. Now, IDW Publishing is reviving Tony Montana, in the sequel to the end-all-be-all of gangster movies, with an all-new graphic novel - Scarface: Scarred for Life - available in bookstores and comic stores in July.

The blood-soaked tale picks up where the movie left off, as Tony Montana survives - yes, you read that right - but just barely. Having lost almost everything - including, of course, very nearly his life - Tony must once again claw his way to the top of the sun-drenched Florida underworld. If the chips were piled against the gangster before, he now stands in the shadow of odds stacked twice as high. See the full story
here -

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Scarface 1932


Did you know?  The first Scarface film was released in 1932.  This is the orignial Scarface movie poster.  See the full story on the history page.


Scarface quotes

This movie is a cult classic, and the great quotes are part of what made this movie so outstanding.  Some of these are rated as some of the best in any movie.  Some of the best are listed on our Scarface quotes page - please vote for your favorite!

Scarface Movie

In 1983 Brian DePalma directed a remake of the 1932 movie. It was written by Oliver Stone, and starred Al Pacino as a fictional Cuban refugee who comes to Florida in 1980 and ascends through cocaine dealing and violence to the top of Miami's organized crime syndicate.

One of the most famous lines in the movie is "Say hello to my little friend".  It has been requoted in many other movies and television shows.  Although the movie drew mostly negative reviews by most movie critics, it grossed over $65 million worldwide and has reached cult status in the subsequent years.

For more information about the movie, visit our Scarface history page.

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